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Knowledge is paramount, which is why at Physical Fusion we like to teach just as much as we train.  Our Real World Training Program provides a great workout, and also implements the same martial arts techniques that our very own instructor taught to our nation’s finest fighters.

This is my own personal system which I have taught over the past 25 years, and still actively teach. I blend American kempo karate, sholin kung fu, and real world tactics which have been proven in combat by our nation’s finest for over 10 years. My real world tactical system can be learned by the young, old, big, and small; and you don’t need to be in shape to learn the system, as you will experience in a small amount of time. Most times within 40 hours of training you will be able to apply, with complete confidence, the tools to keep you and your loved ones safe 24 hours/7 days a week. All you need to bring is your passion and an open mind to learn, and it will work. Come by for a free class and you will be blown away how easy it is. You will also be getting in shape and having fun building your mind, body, and spirit. This class will change your life, and your confidence will grow daily. When you sign up I will give you my personal attention 24 hours/7 days a week via phone and email; you will become my extended family forever because this is how much I believe in the people that believe in me. Please remember you will be held accountable, by me, for your actions and I expect total dedication if you take this course. Nothing less is acceptable.

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