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Kyle Tynan

Kyle Tynan

CONTACT Kyle Tynan

I am a graduate of North Central College with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management. Growing up I got my feet wet in all sports, but predominantly competed in baseball, basketball, and football, which I played throughout high school. Genetically, I was blessed with good athletic ability, but extremely poor movement. In other words, skill-wise I was as good as the next guy, but I had the flexibility of a support beam. I say I was blessed because being inflexible truly helped me learn the importance of quality of movement in sports, which is the backbone of my strength and conditioning philosophy.

The two objectives of strength and conditioning are to optimize athletic performance and minimize risk for injury. To achieve both, the athlete must have great quality of movement, which is the muscles and joints having full range of motion with the ability to function efficiently. Based on this, my philosophy evolved into three main points:

Strength is King
— The more force an athlete can produce, the faster they can sprint, the higher they can jump, and the quicker they can change direction

If strength is King,¬†quality of movement is the King’s Momma
— Athletes must be able to achieve the body positions sports demand before they can strengthen them
— Athletes must be able to get in and out of various body positions quickly and fluidly

Slow Feet Don’t Eat
— Speed kills. Superior athletes can accelerate, decelerate, and change direction quicker and more efficiently than other athletes

Certified Speed and Agility Coach

IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist Level 1

Reflexive Performance Reset Coach

Youth Football Coach for the Lombard Falcons

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