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Open House — Body Composition Analysis by Switch 4 Life

What are you made of?

No seriously, what exactly are you made of? Find out with a free Body Composition test!

Find Out:

  • How many pounds of body fat you have.
  • How many pounds of muscle you have.
  • How many calories you burn per day.
  • If you have a healthy level of visceral fat (the fat that surrounds your major organs).

Quick and easy results in under 45 seconds — no pinching or discomfort required. Simply stand on the machine and hold the harmless hand-electrodes.

Used by The Chicago Cubs, Mayo Clinic, Loyola University, and by over 40% of the NFL.

How to Participate:

February 10th & 11th — All Day

Show Up at Physical Fusion and Ask for a Body Composition Test!

More About Switch 4 Life:

Make the SWITCH…not a short term Diet!


Set a 6 month or 12 month fitness goal


Receive a personalized meal plan, workout plan, and regular feedback from your health coach.


Log your activity daily in a fitness app so your health coach can monitor and check-in monthly with the body composition analyzer to measure your progress.


If you meet your goal at the end of the program, you’ll receive a portion of your Switch 4 Life program fee back.

Learn more about Switch 4 Life at the Open House or Click Here!

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